Q:Which stock exchange is Getac traded on? What is the Getac stock code on Taiwan Stock Exchange, Bloomberg, and Reuters?

Getac common stocks were listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) in 2002. Getac is coded 3005 on TSE, 3005.TT on Bloomberg, and 3005.TW on Reuters.

Q:How can investors find Getac's annual reports?

Annual reports can be found on our "Annual Reports" page.

Please click the link below:Getac Annual Reports

Q:How often does Getac announce its financial results?

We announce the previous month consolidated pro forma revenue before 10th of each month. We announce our consolidated financial results on quarterly basis. Please check the link below for more information: Getac Financial Information

Q:What is Getac's dividend policy?

Our Board of Directors recommends a distribution of cash dividends and stock dividends from our annual profits. This proposal for distribution of annual profits has to be approved by our shareholders at the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting. You can find our historical dividend payout via the link below:Getac Shareholder Dividend Policy

Q:Whom may investors contact for Getac's general shareholder services?

You may contact China Trust Commercial Bank at +886-2-6636-5566

Q:What is Getac's fiscal year?

We adopt the calendar year as our fiscal year, which means from January 1 to December 31.